Last updated
July 15, 2021

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your (“User”) use of “OnePetri”, a software application (“Application”) that was created by Michael Shamash (“Developer”). By using or otherwise accessing the Application, the User acknowledges that they accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy.

1.0 Information we collect

OnePetri does not collect or store any of the User’s personal information or images analyzed within the Application.

1.1 Information you provide to us

The User may voluntarily submit images which the Application is having difficulty analyzing directly to The Developer by email to help improve the Application’s machine learning model performance. In doing so, the User agrees that their image(s) may be used to train machine learning models, and that these models will be incorporated into future versions of the Application. The machine learning models do not directly include the images themselves, and as such the User’s original image submission will be archived after use.

2.0 Questions or concerns

If the User has any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, they may email the Developer directly at [email protected] and the Developer will make their best efforts to address the User’s inquiries.