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A microbiologist's dream come true.
Accelerate common Petri dish assays with AI.

Count Plaques Instantaneously

Go from plates to titres in only a couple of seconds! Don't blink or you'll miss it! Support for bacterial CFUs is coming soon!

On-Device Processing

All image processing and inference is done on your device. Your images are yours, and OnePetri keeps it that way.

Big or Small, OnePetri's Got 'em All!

OnePetri's machine learning models were trained on plaques of all shapes, sizes, and turbidites.

Cutting-Edge Neural Networks

Under the hood, OnePetri sports a YOLOv5 convolutional neural network, allowing for incredible accuracy and precision while keeping detection times to a minimum.

Regular Feature & Model Updates

New assays and improved models are added regularly to OnePetri, so keep an eye out for app updates!

Designed to Work Offline

No internet? No problem! OnePetri is designed to work without internet access. Note that regular feature updates released via the Apple App Store require internet access to download.

Diverse Training Dataset

OnePetri was trained on a diverse set of images from the HHMI's SEA-PHAGES program. This project wouldn't be possible without their support!

Completely Open Source

Oh yeah, and OnePetri's also fully open source! Check out the GitHub link below and contribute to the project's codebase!